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Ginny Sautner.png

Ginny Sautner

Ginny Sautner has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years.  During that time, she has studied with Tim Miller, one of the first American Ashtangi yogis and Jeana Darlington, who studied under BKS Iyengar.  She certified officially through Trisatya Yoga several years ago.  With a foundation in Ashtanga yoga, her classes are typically Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa and heated.  A longtime Havasu resident, a public school teacher, and a mother, Ginny is grateful for a space to share her love of a yoga practice with others.

Diane Bradley.png

Diane Bradley

Hey! My name is Diane Bradley, and I am a certified 200-hour Yoga Instructor. I received my 200 YTT in October 2018 in Carlsbad, California. I began my yoga journey 12 years ago during a time I could not run due to an injury. During that first class, with the help of an amazing teacher, I began to slow my body down, and my mind soon followed. Since this class I knew I needed yoga to be a consistent part of my life. I chose to enroll in YTT with the intention of learning how to teach and share my experiences and the transformation that yoga has brought to my life. As a teacher I wish to express what

Caitlin Craig

Caitlin is trained in Hatha yoga and has been teaching since 2016. ‘I love all forms of the physical practice of yoga & currently resonate most deeply with Kundalini Yoga due to its challenging & structured nature. I find the movements liberating & enjoy how the benefits can be felt instantaneously. I am grateful to have a foundation in the traditions of the practice. I would say I have a passion for good form & the more subtle aspects of the yoga experience. To be able to guide us to a state of total immersion & embodiment is the goal.'

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Karey Mohammed

My name is Karey and I am excited to guide you in your journey of wellness & mindfulness through the practice of yoga.  I come from a dance background having studied ballet & jazz from a very young age.  After marriage and starting a family, my new found passion was in fitness.  I spent the next 20yrs teaching dance aerobics and functional fitness.  Yoga found its way into my life after many years of strenuous exercise and wear and tear on my joints & muscles. Searching for a new way to slow down not only my body but also my mind.  My strong love & passion for yoga called me to guide others through the practice. Aromatherapy is incorporated into all my classes to uplift and send positive energy to the emotional center of our beings.  Namaste

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Tricia French.png

Tricia French

My name is Trish. I am a hippie spirit that has been practicing Yoga most of my life but this is my first time teaching. My personal practice started with Hatha Yoga in my youth and I have added a variety of different yoga styles over the years. Yoga and meditation have been a vital part of my daily life and the inspiration for other interest all centered around a healthy , grounded , connected life. I love serving others and am very involved in our beautiful community. I have been living in beautiful Lake Havasu City for the last 20 plus years. I just love this community. I am so excited to turn the page to this new chapter and begin my teaching journey.

Geno Licari.png

Geno Licari

Hello, my name is Geno Licari, I have been involved in athletics as an athlete, coach or teacher since a very young ange. I have been a Physical Education teacher and coach in Lake Havasu for 28 years. Discovering yoga about 8 years ago, I was both humbled and electrified from my very first class.I not only like the physical benefits of yoga but also the grounding and peacefulness it brings to my life. My passion for helping others through teaching and coaching, along with my love of yoga is what led me to pursue teacher training. I just completed my 60-hour hot yoga certification at Llama Yama, I am now ready to continue my yoga journey in the role of a teacher.

Cindy Azar

Cindy Azar is a certified yoga instructor and health/life coach with a passion for guiding individuals through their wellness journeys. With a focus on proper alignment and personal growth, she brings energy and individualized attention to her yoga classes. Committed to well-being, Cindy advocates for health and wellness through her coaching, dedication to physical fitness, and a love for sharing these principles with others.

Cindy Azar.png

Amy Soroka

Hi! My name is Amy, I fell in love with yoga in 2012 when I utilized nutrition and yoga to help heal from injury, trauma and illness. In 2014 I was inspired to pursue wellness education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. I obtained my 200 hour yoga teacher training, numerous advanced teacher trainings, life coach, aromatherapy and reflexology certifications. My mission is to meet you where you’re at and help you to honor your body and your yoga practice while also having fun! Namaste

Amy Soroka.png
Chris Bennett.png

Chris Bennett

Hello, my name is Chris Bennett, owner and teacher at Amalaya Yoga. I fell in love with Yoga after a difficult life event. It provided a much needed sense of community and discipline. Learning a practice that engaged my mind, body and spirit was just the medicine I needed. With an earlier experience in martial arts, yoga felt so natural to me. 

Yoga is where I met my wife and the love of my life Karla.  When the opportunity arose for us to create Amalaya Yoga, it felt like such an easy decision.  Training under Beth Evans was a wonderful experience and gave me the confidence to continue the tradition of teaching Yoga.  Join me for one of my hot classes to have incredible experience, improving your physical health, and to bring more peace to your life. 

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Monique Day

Hi friends, I’m Monique Day. I have always been a lover of all things movement. Early on, I dedicated myself to classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop dance, even gymnastics and cheerleading. As the years unfolded, my dance background seamlessly evolved into a more functional and mindful approach to movement: yoga. In October 2017, I achieved my 200-hour certification at Island Yoga in Aruba. Guided by the expertise of Lara Heimann and Rachel Brathen, I honed my skills and deepened my understanding of the intricate connection between body, heart and mind. 

Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young, a 500hr Registered Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer, is the creator/founder of OM in the Hills. Through this platform, she spreads the light of yoga and sound healing worldwide, inspiring others to heal and embrace their best selves. Having completed her 200hr yoga teacher training in South Dakota and her 300hr YTT in Nicaragua, Lindsey travels nationally and internationally to deepen her practice and host transformative retreats. With a heart rooted in nature and a spirit uplifted by yoga, she is dedicated to sharing its transformative power with all who join her on the mat

Lindsey Young.png


Born in Green Bay Wisconsin and then spending her child raising years in the Chicagoland, the unencumbered spirited Angie became LifePower Yoga certified in 2017. She has since started traveling the country, and is delighted to have her heart guide her to the Havasu area. She feels honored to guide and share energy with all souls who find their way to their mat. Angie gives warmth and light in all her teachings and believes in inner peace via breath, movement & LOVE.

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